پایداری دینامیکی شبکه قدرت با کنترل کننده فازی

مقاله ای با عنوان "Dynamic Stability Enhancement of Power System using Fuzzy Logic Based Power System Stabilizer " در نرم افزار قدرتمند متلب شبیه سازی شده است. شبیه سازی مقاله IEEE با عنوان بهبود پایداری دینامیکی شبکه قدرت با استفاده از کنترل کننده فازی با استفاده از سیمولینک متلب انجام شده ، کیفیت شبیه سازی عالی است. همچنین حاوی فایل fis کنترل کننده فازی است.

می توانید مقاله را از اینجا مشاهده نمایید. همچنین چکیده آن به شرح زیر است.

The power system is a dynamic system and it is constantly being subjected to disturbances. It is important that these disturbances do not drive the system to unstable conditions. For this purpose, additional signal derived from deviation, excitation deviation and accelerating power are injected into voltage regulators. The device to provide these signals is referred as power system stabilizer. The use of power system stabilizer has become very common in operation of large electric power systems. The conventional PSS which uses lead-lag compensation, where gain setting designed for specific operating conditions, is giving poor performance under different loading conditions. Therefore, it is very difficult to design a stabilizer that could present good performance in all operating points of electric power systems. In an attempt to cover a wide range of operating conditions, Fuzzy logic control has been suggested as a possible solution to overcome this problem, thereby using linguist information and avoiding a complex system mathematical model, while giving good performance under different operating conditions

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